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ISO Certification

Quality control and nvironmental preservation

          MCS has acquired certification of ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and are actively engaged in quality control and environmental conservation.

Quality policy

MCS basic philosophy is to “contribute to the realization of a society where people can live easily”, and we will execute our essential policy.

1. Quality first

MCS top priority is to make products that meet customer’s requested quality.

2. Quality is built in the process

MCS continually improves construction, implementation and effectiveness of quality management system.

3. Compliance with rules

MCS comply with laws and regulations and maintain quality management system.

4. Goal and target management

In order to achieve the quality policy, quality targets for each division are formulated. The degree of accomplishment is evaluated at the executive meeting of each month.

MCS reviews quality targets twice a year in the management review meeting. we provide products that aim to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Thoroughness of quality policy

MCS posts quality policy and enlighten quality consciousness at all morning meetings and strive to understand and achieve for all employees.

Environmental policy

MCS believes that protecting global environment is the most important issue as the world common understanding. We will carry out environmental management based on our basic principle : “to contribute to the realization of a society where people can live easily”.

 1. MCS designs and manufactured electronic parts and equipment. Through these activities, we will engage in the continuous improvement of the environmental management system with promoting the prevention of adequate environmental pollution and effective use of resources.

2. MCS carries out corporate activities for the products or services that comply with environmental laws, prefectural ordinances and city regulations. Furthermore, we will comply with items that we can agree on such as customers’ environment requests by local residents.

 3. MCS sets “environmental objectives and targets” so as to achieve energy-saving, resource saving, waste reduction, chemical substance reduction, etc., and reviews “environmental objectives and targets” at the time of management review.

4. MCS documents this environmental policy and thoroughly notifies of all employees and stakeholders through in-house bulletin and morning meeting.

5. MCS discloses our environmental policy on brochures and homepages and discloses them to the general public.