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Company History


Company History 
June 2000MICROCONTROL SYSTEMS LTD. established with a capital of 3 million yen
at Sakurai in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture.
October 2000Started the manufacturing business corresponding to small lot.
Certified as a model enterprise creating small and medium enterprise regional employment.
February 2001Acquired the creation law for "Development of measuring device for ion quantity in air".
April 2001MCS was chosen as a company supported by business incubation support center in Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center.
Started software development contracting business for embedded systems.
August 2001Developed "line switcher" to switch all telephone lines at once in emergency.
April 2003Started manufacture and sale of high voltage power supply and the applied products.
Manufacture and sale for ion quantity measurement device, static electricity removal device, power source for ozone generation, power supply for air purifier etc.
March 2004Acquired Usuda town factory. Graduated from business incubation support center.

May 2004Headquarters moved to Usuda Town.
July 2004Increased the capital to 15 million yen.
April 2005Along with the municipal merger, the address changed to shimogoe, Saku city.
February 2006Introduction of digital X-ray inspection system. Started BGA implementation.
April 2007Increased the capital to 20 million yen and changed the company organization to Co., Ltd.
June 2008Commercialized LED car room lamp LP-463 with timer function.
May 2009Sell "MCS light" LP-485/486 with dustproof, waterproof and oilproof function.
Acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.
December 200912V specification was added for "MCS light" LP-487.
April 2010Released "MCS Light" LP-488 (1500Lx).
March 2011Declared CE marking conformity for "MCS Light” LP-488.
March 2013Released immersion type LED light LP-508 for underpass.
October 2013Photovoltaic LED lighting (Solamir) was installed in Civic Exchange Plaza.
June 2014 Increased ccapital to 30 mill yen.
November 2015Released LPW-488 and LPW-489 suppressing reflection of the LED light source.
October 2016 Released wide-view light LP-602 (20 W).
Decembe 2016 Opened Tokyo office.
January 2017Availabled overseas website.