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LED Lighting

MCS LED Lighting

MCS LED Lighting LP-48x Series

LED lighting for machine tools realizing 9 W class maximum illuminance. Dustproof .oilproof . waterproof.
Degree of Protection IP67

-LP-488 / LP-489
-LP-485 / LP-486(Diffusion sheet spec)
-LP-486F(Flexible stand spec)
MCS LED Lighting LP-6x Series

LP-6x series are compact outdoor LED Lighting equipment which is easy to carry. With MCS original LW (Long & Wide) lens, it is possible to illuminate two times wider than ordinary MCS LED lights.

-LP-602 (compact type)

MCS LED Lighting LP-7x Series

Light diffusion / Light distribution Specification

With the MCS original LED lens, MCS light will provide "the necessary illuminance for the required location". In the MCS lights, there are general lights and security lights which are used in processing plants and underground tunnels which need waterproofing function. Light distribution of MCS lights are designed to suppress the LED glare.
-LP-761 30w Security light(Built-in battery)
-LP-760 30w General light
-LP-751 20w Security light(Built-in battery)
-LP-750 20w General light